Spring / Summer Project Ideas

Be Productive This Season

It seems in spring and summer, we all hear that inner-calling to work on a house project in the great outdoors. Sometimes the call is to do a needed fix. Other times, it’s a little project to look to with a feeling of accomplishment while you’re swaying in the hammock.

It’s a good idea to assess the state of the exterior and find what truly needs to be done before thinking of a project that’s just fun to get your hands into. Some things need to be done and it’s a good idea to get those out of the way while you have the time and while the weather is cooperating.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

i_HI_paint_shutters (1) 1. Paint the shutters.
Shutter paint takes more punishment than the paint on your house. Many times shutters can use a fresh coat between house paintings. Plan for a Saturday or full weekend to do the job.Tip: Plan your time. Taking down and putting up shutters can take about as much time as the painting itself.
i_HI_play_set (1) 2. Build a play-set.
It’s simple to make your yard the place to be for the under 10 set. You can buy kits, plans, or be creative and think up something yourself. Plan on calling in some help. Two can make this happen in a long day.Tip: Let your kids help decide the design. They’ll be the one’s enjoying it most.
i_HI_shed (1) 3. Add a shed.
In the time it takes you to clean your garage, you can build a shed. This also may eliminate the need to clean your garage. Sheds are available in kits, but many like to customize their own design for their own personal needs. This is probably a two-weekend job.Tip: Plan on a size larger than you think you need. Don’t worry, that extra space will be filled in no time.
i_HI_lights (1) 4. Highlight your house with outdoor lights.
Outdoor lighting can make even a simple house look elegant. Light up your house, landscaping and walkway. When dealing with wiring, always call in a professional if you’re uncomfortable with doing it yourself. Plan on a weekend to make it happen if you’re doing it yourself.Tip: A few lights on the yard not only make it usable for more hours in the day, but it also makes your house more secure.
i_HI_build_deck 5. Build a deck or a gazebo
Adding extra living space that fits your lifestyle doesn’t have to be the addition a new room in your home. The addition of a new deck or gazebo can bring your outdoors to life for you and your family. With the availability of beautiful, low-maintenance decking products, you can spend your time enjoying a new deck or gazebo without maintaining it. Plan on several weekends of planning, development and heavy construction.Tip: If a deck is beyond your comfort of a Do-It-Yourself project, hire a locally insured professional to tackle this project.

Some projects require special talent that can take you a while to get up to speed. As the pros in home improvement, a Handyman Connection contractor can often do your project or the tough parts of your project in a fraction of the time that you can. This can save you frustration, banged fingers and the cost of specialized tools.